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Rinnai Infinity Pipe Cover

Rinnai Infinity Pipe Cover
Rinnai Infinity Pipe Cover

If you want a clean smooth finish to the installation, the Rinnai Infinity Pipe Cover can be used to cover pipes, valves, and even the external power point.

There are five pipe cover kits that vary in size and colour according to the type of Infinity being installed, refer 'SUITABLE FOR' tab.

RRP $199

For all models excl. R1409 $205.


Rinnai Infinity pipe cover kits:

R1385 VT16, VT20, VT24, VT26 White
R1402SC HD250 and HD250i Silver
R1408 EF24 White
R1408SC HD200 and HDi200 Silver
R1409 EF250 and EFi250 Silver



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Kit Dimensions (mm) Model
R1385 H1-394, W-334, H2-438, D-167 VT16-VT26
R1402SC H1-394, W-453, H2-438, D-230 HD250 and HD250i
R1408 H1-394, W-334, H2-448, D-230 EF24
R1408SC H1-394, W-334, H2-448, D-230 HD200 and HD200i
R1409 H1-450, W-460, H2-470, D-240 EF250 and EFi250